QuanQuan (China) – Cerebral Palsy (Male, 19 years old) – 2009

QuanQuan is a Chinese 19 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was diagnosed as cerebral palsy and was admitted to our hospital on 26th April, 2010 for the chief complaint of motor and speech ability development retardation for 18 years. He was full term with dystocia while he underwent hypoxia after born. The MRI of his head in 2009 showed: alba mal-development.

He received the stem cell treatment including 1 stem cell implantation via stereotactic brain surgery and 2 stem cell injections via lumber puncture.

Before the treatment:
-His speech was slurred, his body movement was clumsy and incoordinated;
-The movement of his upper limbs was stiffness and poor flexibility;
-The flexibility of turning his wrists and the movement ability of finger to finger of one hand was poor;
-The muscle strength of his lower limbs was weakness, he could only stand for a few second continuously with one foot;
-He could not walk stably with body swaying and with his left foot dragging, he could not stand up stably from squatting position.

After the treatment:
- His speech is clearer than before, the movement position of his limbs is more coordinated than before;
- The flexibility of his upper limbs is improved obviously;
- The turning wrists and the movement of finger to finger of one hand are improved obviously;
- The muscle strength of his lower limbs is improved obviously, he can stand via one foot for a longer period than before;
- He can walk more stably and faster, the dragging gait of his left foot is improved obviously; he can stand up stably from the squatting position.

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