Football Boy-Sunshine 19 Years Old

Aqib is from a small city in Pakistan and is a sunny boy. He loves sports since childhood, especially football. He is also an excellent goalkeeper. At the end of 2017, 19-year-old Aqib had just completed the university entrance exam, and soon he was going to a university in Islamabad to go to college.
On February 18, 2018, Aqib rode his motorcycle to his home as usual. However, no one thought that he had a sudden disaster. Aqib had an accident on the road. As it was dark, when he turned, he accidentally ran into a big rock, and he might ride a little faster. He was thrown a few meters away and fell to the ground and lost consciousness. When he woke up, he could not remember how he was injured. Who sent him to the hospital. But he clearly felt that the limbs had not been heard at all, and the pain in the injured area made him unable to sleep. The elderly parents couldn't help but cry when they sat on the bed. He was the only son of his parents. This disaster made them feel that the sky would fall.
In order to cure Aqib, the parents' savings are quickly spent, and relatives and friends have tried to help the family and help to consult the hospital for high paraplegia. In mid-March, Aqib had a tracheal operation in the neck of Islamabad. This operation was very successful, allowing Aqib to eat and talk normally, but he couldn't do anything except that he could only lie in bed every day.
Aqib's brother, Wazir, searched for a Chinese military hospital on Google. There were many cases of patients who used stem cells to treat spinal cord injury, and he saw hope. He immediately contacted the hospital staff and gave all the medical materials of Aqib to the stem cell expert Cheng Hongbin. In order to further let the experts know about Aqib, Wazir contacted the old student Masood who studied at the Communication University of China and personally went to the Armed Police General Hospital. Neurosurgery and Dr. Cheng Hongbin communicated with Aqib through video links. According to Cheng Hongbin's 17 years of work experience, Aqib has a short injury time, a serious condition and a young age. It is very suitable for stem cell therapy and hopes to improve in terms of limb movement and second stool. After listening to Dr. Cheng’s advice, for them, they will not give up as long as there is hope. After the video, Aqib's family set out to prepare for treatment in Beijing. Because the treatment cost is not enough, the relatives will not hesitate to buy the land and put the money together.
On August 13, 2018, Aqib, accompanied by two uncles, embarked on a journey to seek medical care in Beijing. When the plane landed, the business vehicle arranged by the hospital staff was directly sent to the hospital. Dr. Cheng spent an hour and a half to learn more about Aqib's condition and answering doubts. He finally decided to arrange ablation and vascular intervention for Aqib. Due to the serious condition of Aqib, in order to provide Aqib with the best care and rehabilitation training during the treatment period, the hospital decided to arrange Aqib at Yingzhi Rehabilitation Center and receive stem cell treatment at the Armed Police General Hospital. Professional and appropriate rehabilitation can help him better. Absorbing stem cells.
For patients with high paraplegia, self-perspiration is a luxury, and Aqib after injury has been confused by the inability to perspire. The miracle really happened. At noon after the first lumbar puncture on August 17, Aqib, who had just finished eating lunch, suddenly felt sweaty on his head. The uncle around him wiped his forehead with a towel. Immediately after the vascular intervention, Aqib's body slowly changed. At the time of discharge, Aqib clearly felt very good, and the arm could be lifted up for 5 minutes and then held for 10 minutes. After the event, he also increased his appetite, and he has more confidence in the future.
In mid-September, about a month after Aqib returned to China, Aqib’s family continued to share good news with hospital staff. Aqib can swing his head freely and chat with his family. The arm can be raised and touched to the mouth, and the arm can move freely for a longer period of time.
Aqib's wish is to pick up the beloved football again, and we bless him together.


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