Sympathetic child -Kolya

Kolya was the long-awaited child of his parents. His father worked in the museum and his mother was very gentle and virtuous. They carefully guarded this little life during pregnancy. Unfortunately, Kolya was born with a variety of congenital and serious diseases that affect normal growth and development. Kolya suffered a lot of pain. He got four pneumonias and had two operations. He eaten food through catheter.In order to maintain life,he had to accept various medicines injection. Despite life was hard, his parents made every effort to stabilize Kolya's condition and gave Kolya all the love.
Kolya was already 6 years old, but he still can't sit, can't walk and can't speak. His mother often took him to rehabilitation institution for physical therapy.Through training, he learned to eat with a spoon, his muscles became stronger, he learned to roll, and he could stand up with his mother help. Although it was very difficult, one day, Kolya smiled at his mother for the first time, her mother moved to tears.
However, in 2016, Kolya's situation deteriorated. His body temperature always raised to 38.5 degrees from time to time following breathing and sleep problems. His parents were very anxiousfor the frent seizures. In the past few months, his parents took Kolya to consult a lot of doctors in local hospitals. They always transfered from one doctor to another doctor, but once again and again, Kolya's situation still did not improve. Parents did not believe that fate would be so,they decided to go to the big hospitals in St. Petersburg and Moscow. After a series of tests, doctors found that the previously detected cerebellar atrophy began to develop rapidly, the death rate of brain stem cells also accelerated, and respiratory problems became more and more serious. But the doctors said they could do nothing.
Kolya's parents were helpless, but they still did not give up. They were told by people around them that a military hospital in China could treat cerebral palsy with stem cell. Dr. Cheng Hongbin from the hospital is a stem cell expert with rich clinical experience. Stem cells and Dr. Cheng, like two seeds of hope, gave hope to Kolya's future. But the cost of treatment was another challenge for this ordinary family. Thanks God, after months of hard work and funded by the Foundation, in January 2018, they flew to Beijing for the first time stem cell treatment with the only savings and raised money.
In the first course treatment, Kolya underwent four times lumbar punctures. After the first operation, a miracle occurred. Kolya's appetite and sleep quality improved, the reaction rate increased significantly, the neck and waist muscles seemed to be more powerful, and the body temperature was relatively stable. He preferred to smile at his parents. Parents were very pleased to see the improvement of Kolya's condition. Before returning to China, They thanked the hospital and Dr. Cheng Hongbin with a gift from Russia.
In order to get further improvement, in July 2018, Kolya and his parents flied to Beijing again for the second course treatment. And everything went smoothly. In October 2018, after 3 months, Kolya can sit alone for two minutes. When he falls, he can also try to support the body by elbows. The frequency of epileptic seizures is also significantly reduced at night. Parents are very satisfied with the treatment and hope to raise money in time for the third course of treatment in 2019.

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The Stem Cell Department of General hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces is the first neural stem cell transplantation centre in China, which went through the World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical trial registration. The Hospital has also obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had our laboratory certified with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certification of stem cell research and preparation. So far we have used stem cell therapy to treat 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries.

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Our department is the first nerve stem cell transplantation center in the country and abroad, which has passed through the WHO clinical registration test, received FDA approval of a clinical trial and was certified by the laboratory with the GMP standard of research. So far, we have already treated about 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries with stem cell transplantation.

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