Pamela (Russian) – cerebral palsy (Female, 4 years and 6 months) – 2017

Patient Conditions: Pamela, female, from Russia, 4 years and 6 months, a premature birth baby.

The patient suffered severe respiratory prostration and used ventilator-assisted breathing. As frequently epilepsy, patient underwent neurosurgery at 3 months. Patient was accepted in our hospital in April 26th, 2017.

Treatment Procedures:
•April 28th, 2017, First Treatment: 10:00am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 2nd, 2017, Second Treatment: 10:00am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 5th, 2017, Third Treatment: 10:00am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 8th, 2017, Fourth Treatment: 10:00am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture.

Before treatment:
1.Epilepsy still exists and happens frequently.
2.She could not sit and stand up by herself since the muscle strength of her waist was weak;
3.She speaks few words;
4.Poor appetite.

After treatment:
1. After the first treatment, patient is more likely to eat more food with stronger appetite.
2. After the second treatment, patient is more willing to speak more and eyes contact more flexible than before.
3. After the third, fourth treatment, the patient can count consecutive numbers on day wake up in the morning.

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