Nuerdawo (Kazakhstan)- cerebral palsy (Male,4 years old)

CP-Kazakhstan-NuerdawuNuerdawo is a Kazakhstan 4 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of motor and mental development retardation for 4 years. He was full-term normal delivery. He underwent yellow skin, no crying voice, apnea and other related symptoms after born, then his symptoms were relieved 15 minutes after he was given oxygen inhalation and other symptomatic treatment. When being 3 months, he was given physical examination in local hospital, the MRI of his head indicated: maldevelopment of white matter of brain. He was offered nerve nutrition medication from then on without obvious improvements. He has been trained by physical rehabilitation therapy in Wulumuqi air force hospital since 2008. He underwent a few times of seizures, for example, convulsion of his 4 limbs, stiffness and upturning of his both eyes, his symptoms were alleviated after offered diazepam 10mg via intravenous infusion every time. He took the sodium valproate erratically during this period.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of his 4 limbs was higher than normal;
- The muscle strength of his limbs was weak, the motor ability of his limbs was poor;
- He suffered from seizures;
- His cognitive ability was not good;
- He could not speak.

After the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of his limbs is normal;
- The muscle strength of his limbs is improved obviously, the motor ability of his limbs is improved obviously;
- His weight and height are increased obviously;
- The frequency and degree of his seizure are improved obviously, the anti-epilepsy medication is halted;
- His cognitive ability is improved obviously;
- He can speak some simple words actively, the volume of his vocabulary is increased obviously.

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