Ms. Zhang (China) – Severe craniocerebral injury (Female, 45 years old) – 2008

Ms. Zhang is a Chinese 45 years old female patient suffering from brain jury. She met a car crash, which caused her brain injury in February 2008. She was diagnosed at that time: 1. Severe craniocerebral injury; 2. Brain stem injury; 3.Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage; 4.Scalp hematoma; 5. Hemorrhagic shock; 6.Blunt injury in the right eye; 6. Bilateral femoral fracture; 7. Left luna and radius fracture.

She was admitted to our hospital for the 1st round stem cell treatment 4 months after the accident.

Before the stem cell treatment:
-The movement ability of her limbs was poor, she needed 4 caregivers’ assistant for her movement with obvious strephenopodia of her left foot, she could not stand or walk by herself;
-She could not communicate with others normally, could not answer other’s questions properly, she enjoyed talked to herself, she was vulnerable to be irritability and dysphoria;
-The fine motor ability of her hands was poor, especially the right hand; the muscular tension of her right upper limb was high, so that she could not move her right upper limb voluntarily;
-Her daily activity ability was poor, she couldn’t control her urination and bowel movement, her memory and cognitive ability were reduced obviously;
-Her right vision was reduced, so that she could not see objects clearly.

Before the 2nd round stem cell treatment:
-The motor ability of her limbs is improved obviously, the strephenopodia of her left foot is disappeared;
-She can communicate with others naturally with fluent speech, she can keep in quiet status;
-The muscular tension of her right upper limb is improved obviously, she can move her right arm and hand voluntarily;
-Her daily activity ability is improved obviously, she can control her urination and bowel movement, her memory and cognitive abilities are improved obviously;
-Her right vision is restored, which is approached to normal.

Before the 3rd round the stem cell treatment:
-Her memory is improve further, the ability of her communication with others is enhanced;
-The flexibility of her right hand is enhanced, she can even use chopsticks and knit a sweater;
She can walk for a longer distance with one caregiver’s assistant.

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