Ms. Xu- Ulcerative Colitis (Female, 45 years old) -2012

Name: Ms. Xu
Gender: Female
Age: 45 years old
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Ulcerative Colitis

Ms. Xu, female, came from Zhejiang province, she entered into our hospital due to intermittent constipation and loose stool for over 5 years, and it progressed for one year. Alternating constipation and loose stools appeared with no incentives in recent 5 years. Every 4-5 days she got bowl movement during constipation, stool was very dry, couldn’t defecate without medicine, and had feeling of couldn’t defecate completely, always wanted to go to the toilet. Bloody loose stools appeared when eating cold food, about 5-7 times every day along with abdominal pain, continuous abdominal distension pain, along with nausea and vomiting, obvious tenesmus, need to take anti-diarrhea medicine to ease the symptom, but after taking medicine the constipation will appear. Took some medicine for digestion, but the effect was not so good. In December of 2011 she entered into Peking Union Medical College Hospital to get colonoscopy and was diagnosed as ulcerative colitis. She accepted hormonotherapy, the effect was fair. Later, she went back home to take Chinese traditional medicine. For nearly a year, the main symptom is discontinuous bloody loose stools, 10 times per day when it’s serious, and along with arthrocele, pain and activity limitation in knee. In October of 2012 she entered into hospital for stem cells transplantation treatment.

Her condition before the first course treatment:
1. angular, night sleep bad, neurasthenia.
2. poor appetite, eat less, slow digestion after eating;
3. bloody diarrhoea, about 10 times when serious, and intermittent constipation;
4. the skin was dry and desquamation;
5. joint swelling in left knee and obvious tenderness, limited activity, can only walk about 10 meters.

In September of 2013 she came back to our hospital for the second course treatment, her condition at that time:
1. patient’s weight gain 5 kg, sleep good, neurasthenia improved;
2. good appetite, eat more and digest ability enhanced;
3. the bloody diarrhea disappeared, constipation was alleviated;
4. skin desquamation got eased.
5. the joint swelling in left knee got eased, she could walk freely.

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