Ms. Liu- Type I Diabetes (Female,37 years old)- 2011

Ms. Liu is a Chinese 37 years old female patient suffering from type I diabetes. When she was 22 years old, she underwent thirsty, polydipsia, polyuria, super appetite, weight decreased gradually, then consulted in local hospital and found out her fasting blood glucose value was 17.0mmol/L, the pancreas function problem was found out, which was diagnosed as type I diabetes. With longer disease course, the dosage of her insulin was increased gradually, her blood glucose level was not stable, sometimes her blood glucose value was too high to test it, the other times she underwent some low blood glucose value symptoms, for example, flustered, profuse sweating, hand shaking, which made her have to intake foods to relieve it. Because of long-period of fatigue, indiscipline of life, diet and sleep, her blood glucose value could not be controlled well, she gradually suffered from the complications of diabetes, her eye ground, kidneys, peripheral nerves were all damaged with different degrees, which caused her have to leave her work position to find out the effective treatment.

She received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in March, 2011.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- She was very sensitive to the light, she could feel dazzling during the process of opening and closing the light;
- She could feel the weakness of her limbs, coldness of her hands and feet, even during the hottest summer, she still had to wear stockings and covered the heavy cotton sheet tightly;
- The value of her blood glucose was around 15.0mmol/L during the whole day.

After the stem cell treatment:
- She can see the objects around more clearly;
- She can feel the hot heating from her feet bottom and palms, she can wear shoes without stockings;
- The value of her blood glucose before 3 meals/day is controlled around 6.0-7.0mmol/L stably; those after 3 meals/day is controlled around 7.0-10.0 mmol/L; occationally the value is over 12.0 mmol/L, which is mostly related with her diet, sports and mood etc. at that time.

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