Ms. Lee- Traumatic Brain Injury (Female,36 years old)- 2011

Ms. Lee is a Chinese 36 years old female patient suffering from brain injury for 12 years. She was knocked down by a car when walking on the street on 29th Jan 1997, then she was in coma at that time and was sent to the local hospital for emergency treatment immediately. She was diagnosed as severe traumatic brain injury and diffusive axonal injury. She was treated with tracheotomy and offered ventilator to assist respiration, she was given the symptomatic treatments of nasal feeding, nerve nutrition medicine, dehydration and push back to regain consciousness. The CT of her head in May, 1997 showed hydrocephalus. Then she was given skull drilling drainage from bilateral ventricles. Finally she woke up in July, 1997, 2 months after the operation, she had been in coma for over 5 months totally.

She received the 1st round stem cell therapy in our hospital in March 2011.

Before the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- She couldn’t take care of herself with incontinence of her urination;
- She felt her right lower limb was stiffness with weakness, she needed assistant from other during her walking;
- She needed other’s assistant to turn around during her walking;
- Her right tip foot was existed obviously;
- She felt her right lower limb weakly, she could only stand for 10 seconds by holding bed.

After the 1st round stem cell treatment, Ms. Lee’s medical condition is improved obviously, so she received the 2nd round treatment in our hospital in October 2011.

Before the 2nd round treatment:
- She can take care of herself and urinate by herself.
- The stiffness and weakness of her right lower limb is relieved obviously, she can walk slowly without any assistant;
- She can turn around by herself during her walking;
- Her right tip foot is disappeared;
- The muscle strength of her right lower limb is improved obviously, so that she can stand for 20 seconds by holding bed.

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