Ms. Chen (China) –Traumatic Brain Injury (Female, 48 years old) – 2011

Ms. Chen is a Chinese 48 years old female patient suffering from brain injury. She was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of poor flexibility of her limbs movement for over 4 years after the brain injury accident. She happened to meet a car crash, which caused her brain injury, then had been in coma for 10 days after the proper surgery. The severe sequel of her brain injury was remained. She received the stem cell treatment in our hospital in April 2011.

She received the 1st round stem cell treatment including 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and 1 stem cell implantation via stereotactic brain surgery.

Before the treatment:
-Her 4 limbs were stiffness with higher muscular tension, especially her left side limbs were worse, she couldn’t move flexibly;
-Her speech speed was slow, her speech was slurred , with choking occasionally;
-She could sit by herself but not stable, she couldn’t walk by herself, even with others’ assistant, her stride was limited;
-The fine motor ability of her both hands was poor, she could not hold objects well.

After the stem cell treatment:
-The stiffness of her 4 limbs is improved obviously, the muscular tension of her limbs is improved obviously, the flexibility of her movement is improved obiously;

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