Mrs. Zhong- Motor Neuron Disease (ALS,Female,56 years old)- 2006

Mrs. Zhong is a Chinese 56 years old female patient suffering from motor neuron disease (ALS). She underwent pain of her right knee joint, thinner front part of her thighs, walking weakness, accompanying with muscle jump, without obvious incentive in May, 2004. Her medical condition was aggravating continuously, the muscle strength of her upper limbs was weak, the big and small thenar muscles atrophied until August, 2005. Her speech was slurred in November, 2005. Her medical condition was aggravating continuously in February, 2006, then she consulted in Shanghai Huashang hospital and was diagnosed as motor neuron disease without any treatment. She took oral medication at home but her medical condition was aggravating continuously.

Before the stem cell treatment on June 28th, 2006:
- Her speech was slurred;
- The escaping muscles, the big and small thenar muscles of her both hands atrophied obviously; her shoulder muscles atrophied obviously;
- She could not touch her ears by lifting up her both upper limbs, she could not have meal by herself, the interphalangeal joints of her both hands bent, could not stretch straight, she could not grasp the objects by hands;
- She could stand by assistant for a short period, she could move a few steps slowly, it was difficult to bend her knee joints.

During the treatment period (after 4 stem cell implantations):
- Her speech is clearer than before, she can talk simply with the medical staff;
- The muscle strength and muscular tension of her 4 limbs were restored, she can clench half of her hands, she can hold a cup to drink by herself, she can touch her ears by raising her upper limbs, the flexibility of bending her knee joints is better, she can stand up from squatting position by herself, she can walk for a certain period by other’s assistant.

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