Mrs Xiao (China) – Lumbar Disc Herniation (Female, 38 years old)

Basic information of patient:

Lumbar Disc Herniation 20160321Mrs Xiao, 38 years old, always felt her back ache was progressively worsening. Furthermore, she experienced the pain with stiffness at the mean time, which made her feel hard to turn over while sleep and very difficult to get out of bed. Her life quality was remarkably affected. Then she came to our hospital for examination, found that her back pain is a result of lumbar disc herniation.

Medical history:
Two years ago, Mrs. Xiao started experiencing irregular soreness and mild pain on her waist, the conditions would be released after a short rest on the bed. This year she experienced more remarkable back sore and pain, together with occasional numbness of left foot thumb. She went for a CT scan in local hospital, a 0.5 cm disc herniation was detected on L5~S1 level. She was diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation.

The physician gave her conservative treatment, combined with medication and physical therapy, then her conditions got better for a while, but relapsed immediately once stopped treatment. At last, Mrs. Xiao's condition worsened with unendurable pain of her back and legs, she could only stay on the bed and unable to move around independently.

Therapeutic efficacy after stem cell treatment:

Two months after Mrs. Xiao accepted stem cell transplant in our hospital, she can hardly feel the waist pain, foot thumb numbness disappeared, her back and waist are more flexible, she's able to have a normal life.

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