Mrs. Tian-  C6-C7 Spinal Cord Injury (Female,44 years old)- 2007

Mrs. Tian is a Chinese 44 years old female patient suffering from spinal cord injury. She happened to undergo a car crash in October, 2005, the MRI of local hospital showed : C6-C7 spinal cord injury.

She received the stem cell treatment in May, 2007.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- She felt chest stufly and short of breath;
- She could sit independently but the muscle strength of her waist was poor, so her sitting posture was arch;
- The sensation level of her pain and temperature was on the top of 3cm above the nipple level, the touching feeling of whole body was existed; the blood circulation of her lower limbs was poor, the skin temperature was low;
- Because of the movement dysfunction of her lower limbs, she could wear the brace to walk for 1 hour with pushing a wheelchair; she could step forward by left feet leaving from the ground, right feet dropping not leaving from ground;
- She could perceive her urination and bowl movement, her stool was dry, which was hard to excrete, so she had to use the enema for excrete; she could not keep to control the urination before excreting, the frequency of her urination was too much, the volume of her urination was 200-300ml.

Before her discharge:
- Her chest stufly and short of breath are improved obviously;
- She can sit independently on bed, the muscle strength of her waist and back is improved obviously, her waist can be straight;
- The skin temperature of her lower limbs and both feet is restored to normal, she can perceive the warm feeling, especially during the sleep period;
- She can feel her right foot step forward with leaving the ground, she can drag her right lower limb when walking, while her right lower limb only can step forward before the stem cell treatment;
- Her stool becomes soften and is easy to excrete; she can keep to control her urination before excreting; the frequency of her urination is reduced obviously, the volume of her urination is increased obviously.

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