Mrs. Li – Hepatitis B, Liver Cirrhosis (Female,59 years old)

Mrs. Li is a Chinese 59 years old female patient suffering from hepatitis B for 20 years, liver cirrhosis for 3 years. She was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of abdominal fullness for 1 week. Her physical examination showed: chronic hepatic disease face, dark face, yellow skin with itching; abdominal distention, tenderness of hepatic area, fluid thrill (+), edema of lower limbs; jaundice occurred, the volume of abdominal water is over 3000ml. After her admission, she was checked that: HBsAg(+); HBeAg(+); HBcAb(+); HCV Ab(-). During the forepassed treatment period, she was given many kinds of anti-virus oral medication and Chinese herbal protecting liver treatment, her disease was relapsed to aggravation whilst all indexs were not stable once changing or halting the medication. She was offered an infusion of album/4 months periodically, she felt her mental condition turned well, anorexia and abdominal distention were relieved after the infusions, while she could feel no difference comparing with prior to the infusion after a month. During the forepassed time, she used to undergo 3 times of massive hemorrhages of gastrointestinal tract, which was all induced by eating harder food during the winter, the symptoms were relieved after around 2 weeks conservative treatment. She refused to receive the surgery of blood vascular ligation at all.

The improvements During the 1 month treatment period, her abdominal water is less, the shifting dullness(-), which indicates the volume of abdominal water is less than 1000ml. Her jaundice is relieved 3 months after the treatment, the skin itching is relieved, her abdominal distention and anorexia are improved obviously, her symptoms are improved continually during the next 12 months after the treatment period.
Index Before the treatment 6 months after the treatment Normal range Clinical features
Liver volume(cm3 1089.1 1103.8 Liver volume is increased obviously.
Blood routine leukocyte(109/L) 5.53 6.54 4-10 The total numbers of leukocyte and neutrophil quantity and lymphocyte quantity are increased better, which indicates that the hyperfunction of her spleen is relieved obviously.
Absolute value of neutrophil(/L) 2.87 3.02 2-7
Absolute value of lymphocyte (109/L) 1.83 2.39 0.8-4.0
Absolute value of monocyte(109/L) 0.4 0.3 0.12-0.8
Blood biochemical test ALT(U/L) 151 30 0-40 The Transaminase value is reduced to normal range, which indicates the damages and necrosis of her liver is relieved obviously.
AST(U/L) 190 37 0-40
GGT(U/L) 19 25 11-50 The hepatic damage is relieved obviously.
ALP(U/L) 114 81 42-130
TP(g/L) 68.6 78.30 66-88 The degree of liver cirrhosis is relieved obviously.
ALB(g/L) 32.2 43.40 35-52
PALB(mg/L) 58 87 200-450
TBil(umol/L) 17.3 32.60 2-18 The inflammation and necrosis of hepatic cells are relieved obviously.
DBil(umol/L) 5.9 13.00 0-7
AFP(ng/mL) 5.09 4.75 0-20 The index value is stable.
Hormon Estradiol 37 28.72 女性:<25pg/ml The hepatic inactivation to the estrogen is restored.
PRG 0.12 0.1 女性:<1 ng/ml
Coagulation PT(sec) 15 13.3 10-14 The index value is restored to normal range.
Activity 61.3 88.1 70-130
PT Ratio 1.25 1.06 0.83-1.17
INR 1.26 1.06 0.82-1.23
APTT(sec) 40.2 33.1 22-38
TT(sec) 18.5 18 14-21
Fibrosis of enzyme spectrum Fib(g/L) 2.3 2.02 2-4 The degree of liver cirrhosis is relieved obviously.
LN(ug/L) 221.20 207.15 48-135.3
Ⅲtype PCnl(ug/L) 172.6 163.21 <120
Serum Ⅳtype Collagen(ug/L) 131.4 123.39 24.5-112.5
Serum hyaluronic acid(ug/L) >800 685.90 0-100

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