Mrs. Jiang (China) – Knee osteoarthritis (Female, 38-year-old)

Basic information of patient:

Knee osteoarthritis 20160318Mrs. Jiang from Jianxi Province of China, 38 years old. Half a year ago, her knee joint swelled, she felt numbness of the muscle, fatigue and pain for both knees, but she didn't go for treatment. Then the conditions worsened, pain for both knees, she had difficulties to walk and squat for 6 months. Therefore she was recommended to our hospital for further treatment. The diagnosis is osteoarthritis for both knees.


Physical examination result: Tenderness(+) of structures surrounding the affected joints, joints deformity, left knee in particular. Left knee's maximum flexion is 80°and extension is 10°, right knee's maximum flexion is 100°and extension is 15°, squatting is affected obviously.

X-ray test result: Remarkable osteoproliferation of the surrounding margin of bilateral patella, tibial plateau and intercondylar eminence.

Calcification of ligament: cartilage on articular surface worn, partially fell off, margin narrowed with unequal width.

Therapeutic efficacy:

Mrs. Jiang come for reexamination 2 months after accepting stem cell transplantation. Bilateral knee pain and fatigue disappeared, normal squatting without difficulty, normal gait. Tenderness of surrounding structures of bilateral knees disappeared. Left knee flexion 140°, extension 20°, right knee flexion 145°, extension 20°. Now Mrs Jiang is able to move around as normal, she's independent in daily activities, follow-up find no relapse to date.

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