Mr. Zhu- Motor NeuronDisease (Progressive Bulbar Palsy,Male,47 years old)

Mr. Zhu is a Chinese 47 years old male patient suffering from motor neuron disease (progressive bulbar palsy). He underwent slurred speech, voice hoarse without obvious incentive in January, 2004. He was diagnosed as MND (PBP) finally in October, 2005.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- His speech was slurred, his speech speed was slow, especially some assistant letter could not be spoken out, the tone of his speech is low, he spoke weakly, so that he felt fatigability easily during a short period;
- He suffered from forced laughter or crying obviously, especially during reading, which could not be controlled;
- The chewing power of his teeth was too weak to bite harder food, for example, the flour biscuit etc.;
- The muscle strength of his upper limbs was weak, the escaping muscles of his both hands atrophied obviously, he felt the heavy sensation of his lower limbs.

Before his discharge (after 4 stem cell implantations):
- He can speak out loudly and strongly, the period of his talking is longer than that before the treatment;
- His forced laughter or crying is improved obviously;
- The chewing power of his teeth is improved obviously;
- He can lift up his upper limbs more easily, the heavy sensation of his lower limbs is relieved obviously.
Until his discharge, his medical condition is still improving continuously.

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