Mr Zhao (China)-Traumatic Brain Injury (Male, 37 years old) -2015

Mr. Zhao is a 37 years old male patient. He had a car accident on March 19, 2015. At that time, he was comatose immediately. The brain CT scan showed: contusion and laceration of left parietal lobe, epidural hematoma of top left temporal, and subarachnoid bleeding. Therefore, craniotomy was operated. After 20 days, he finally woke up from coma. Though prescribed antiepileptic drug, he still had symptoms that similar to electronic shock every 2-3 days. He came to General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces where he was diagnosed with post-traumatic brain syndrome and secondary epilepsy, and he received stem cell therapy.

Before stem cell treatment
1. Both of cognitive and logical thinking abilities were poor.
2. He always feeds back with irrelevant answers to simple questions, and could only say words with single syllable.
3. The right limb was very stiff and inflexible, movement was poor.

After stem cell treatment
1. Both of cognitive and local thinking abilities have been improved.
2. He can understand some simple questions or instructions and speak a few more words than before.
3. The right limb motor function has been improved significantly.
4. Epilepsy no longer attacks.

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