Mr. Zhang- T10-T11 Spinal Cord Injury (Male,43 years old)- 2007

Mr. Zhang is a Chinese 43 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He happened to fall down from 4 meters high by landing with his back on July 28th, 2006. He was sent to local hospital for emergency CT showed: T10-T11 vertebra fracture with 2 degrees dislocation, spinal cord contusion, he was diagnosed as spinal cord injury. At that time, his lower limbs were palsy, he suffered from incontinence of urination and bowl movement and no sensation beneath his navel level. 7 days after the accident, he was given the operations of "T10-T11 total laminectomy, intraspinal exploration, T10-T12 vertebral pedicle screw fixation inside, autogenous bone intertransverse bone implantation fusion".

He received 1st round stem cell treatment including 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture, 1 stem cell transplantation via CT guided intraspinal injection in September, 2007.

Before the 1st stem cell treatment:
- He could not sit by himself, he had to support by hands when sitting;
- He could not crawl up when lying;
- He suffered from incontinence of urination and bowl movement, he could control his urination by himself but could not excrete completely; his stool was excreted out 1 time/2 days, which was too dry to be excreted out, he had to use enema for his bowl movement.

He received 2nd round stem cell treatment in May, 2008.

Before 2nd round stem cell treatment:
- He can sit for longer period by himself, he can crawl up when lying;
- He can perceive urination and bowl movement much obviously, the volume of his urination is increased, he can feel more smoothly when urinating; the dry stool status is improved obviously, his anus can pinch off the stool;
- His sweating function is improved obviously, his lower limbs can sweat;
- He can stand and walk by brace and assistant.

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