Mr. Zhang Lei – Severe Craniocerebral Injury (male, 26 years old) 2006

Mr. Zhang Lei, 26 years old, Chinese, police man. He suffered from extra severe craniocerebral injury after a car crash in 2005. After receiving a couple of neurosurgeries and cerebrospinal fluid drainage, the patient revived. During the head swollen decreasing, the right side brain disappeared since the affected brain tissue was pressed for a very long period, the related brain function is abnormal, so that the affected brain tissue are necrosis, then metabolized.

The patient decided to receive the stem cell transplantation one year later(2006).

zhanglei1Before the stem cell treatment:
- His muscle tension was very high;
- The movement ability of his left side body was defected while the movement ability of his right side body was normal;
- The body sensation was poor;
- His face expression was poor;
- His expression ability was poor;
- His long-period memory ability was ok while his short-period memory ability was poor.

After the stem cell treatment:
- His muscle tension is normal;
- His scissors gait is improved obviously, he can lift up his left foot, walk by himself for a certain distance;
- He can move his left arm and left hand, his left side body can be controlled by his brain;
- The body sensation is improved obviously;
- His face expression is nature obviously;
- He can communicate with others smoothly, understand others’ humor and jokes;
- His memory ability is improved obviously.

Now He is married and goes back to his local police station for work.


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