Mr. Zhang- Hemorrhage of Bulbar Cord, C4-C5 Spinal Cord Injury (Male,47 years old)- 2010

Mr. Zhang is a Chinese 47 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He happened to undergo a car crash to hurt his head and neck on January 29th, 2010, which led to him hemorrhage of bulbar cord and C4-C5 spinal cord injury.

He received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in September, 2010.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- His autonomous respiration was disappeared;
- He coughed and spitted sputum weakly;
- The body beneath his neck level was palsy with obvious muscle atrophy of whole body.

After the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- He can leave off the respiratory ventilator after the 1st stem cell implantation; he has been left off the ventilator until now;
- He can cough and spit sputum more powerfully than before;
- The muscle volume of his whole body is more harvest than before.

After the stem cell treatment:
- He can lift up his upper limbs from the bed level, the muscle strength of his upper limbs is improved obviously, he can stretch and bend his elbows more better than before;
- The muscle strength of his lower limbs is improved obviously, he can move his lower limbs on the bed level, the right side is better than the left one;
- The muscular tension of his lower limbs is improved obviously, the involuntary tremor is improved obviously;
- The big toe of his left foot can move slightly.

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