Videos – Mr. Zhang – Cerebral Palsy (male, 37 years old) – 2010

Name: Mr. Zhang
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Mr. Zhang, Male, 37 years old, twins, the second one. He is full-term normal delivery, the history of anoxia in the womb was existed, he could not cry and had violaceous color of skin when he was born. The medical history of apnea and hypoxia during the perinatal period was confirmed significantly. On October 29th in 2010, he entered into our hospital by wheelchair and received 2 stem cell transplantations via stereotactic brain surgery and 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture.

Before the first course of transplantation:
1. His speech was slurred, fine motor function of both hands was poor, the muscle  strength of his waist was weak;
2. He could not stand or walk stably, was easy to fall down, the muscle tension of his lower limbs was higher than normal, he could not bend his knees during his walking, it was difficult for him to move his feet.


After the first course of transplantation:
1.The high muscle tension of his left upper limb is improved obviously, the flexibility of his grabing is improved obviously;
2.The high muscle tension of his lower limbs is improved obviously, his lower limbs can bend naturally during his walking; he can walk with longer step and  his balance ability is much better than before during his walking.

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