Mr. You – Cerebellar Atrophy (OPCA) – May 2009

Mr. You is a Chinese 45 years old male patient suffering from cerebellar atrophy. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of unstable walking and blurred speaking progressively for over 1 year. The MRI indicated: the shape of cerebellum is changed like the pine boughs, the pons and olive are changed thinner. He was diagnosed as cerebellar atrophy.

He received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in May, 2009.

Before the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- He could not walk stably, his walking distance was shaped as “S” whilst his walking speed was fast;
- He spoke slurred, choked when drinking;
- His sleep was poor, he suffered from frequent urination during the night;
- He suffered from fasciculation of his 4 limbs apparently.

After the stem cell treatment:
- He can walk stably, his walking distance is straight, he can walk with normal speed;
- He can speak clearly, he can drink liquid without choking;
- His sleep quality is improved obviously, his frequent urination is disappeared;
- The fasciculation of his 4 limbs is disappeared.

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