Mr. Wang- Parkinson’s Disease (Male,58 years old)- 2014

Mr. Wang is a Chinese 58 years old male patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of weakness of 4 limbs with progressive aggravation for over 18 years and stiffness with unstable walking for over 13 years on September 1st 2014.

His current medical history:
He underwent tremor of left upper limb without incentive in January, 1996, then he consulted many hospitals and was diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease, then was given Artane benzhexol, Amantadine, Madopar etc. medicines (detailed dosages were not clear) for the treatment, his symptoms was controlled well. In October, 2001, he received right globus pallidus sections under general anesthesia in local hospital for further treatment, the tremor of his affected limb was disappeared after the operation. The tremor of his right upper limb was relapsed in October, 2001, then he consulted in another local hospital and was diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. He received left stereotactic VIM Radiofrequency ablation operation, the tremor was disappeared after the operation but his slurred speech, the stiffness of his right limbs, unstable walking were remained. From then on, he took medication at home, his symptoms were aggravating gradually, his slurred speech was aggravating, he also suffered from the sense of suppression in the chest, drooling, slow walking, stiffness of whole body.

MRI of his head on May 23rd, 2014 showed: encephalic multiple lacunar infarction, leukoaraiosis, senile brain changes, the beginning section of right anterior cerebral artery was thin, weak signal of blood stream.

Since the disease onset, his spirit, diet, sleep were good, his urination and bowl movement were normal, his weight was not obviously reduced, no convulsion.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- He was alert;
- His speech was slurred;
- He suffered from slight swallow problem, drooling, occasionally choking during drinking;
- He suffered from the sense of suppression in the chest, stiffness of 4 limbs, poor muscle strength, tremor of right limbs, slow walking with limp, difficult turning around, difficult standing up from deep squatting.

3 days after the stem cell implantation:
- His speech is clearer than before,
- His swallow ability is normal, his drooling is disappeared, his choking during drinking is disappeared;
- The tremor of his right limbs is disappeared;
- The stiffness of his right limbs is relieved obviously;
- The muscular tension of his 4 limbs is relieved obviously;
- The muscle strength of his back, waist and 4 limbs is improved obviously;
- He can walk faster than before, turn around easily, stand up from squatting more easily than before.

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