Mr. Wang Jia – ALS (Male, 27 years old) 2008

Mr Wang Jia, now is 36 years old. He was diagnosed to ALS in 2008 when he was 27 years old. His disease has progressed into ALS of late period and received the first course stem cell transplantations in 2010.
With the help of stem cells and his strong determination, the big boy sticked to the love of the design creation with a power surviving fingers. He just spent the 36 years old birthday on Jan 25th 2017 with his family.

Wang Jia before ALS diseaseWang Jia Birthday 2017 Jan 25th
Wang Jia before ALS disease                      Wang Jia Birthday, 2017 Jan 25th

Unstoppable writing life with the eyes

Unstoppable writing life with the eyes

Till now, Mr Wang Jia totally has accepted more than 15 courses stem cells treatment in our hospital. During his 10 years, he enjoys his life, and never gives up. He still continues his writer and designer dream even he could only use his eyes to control the computer for his work. People like to call him as “Mentally Rich Man”. With his insistent efforts, he finished his book, Unstoppable: writing life with the eyes. It was published in April 2015 by Peking University Press.

Before the first course stem cell transplantation in 2010:
- Slurred speech;
- Poor swallow ability;
- High muscle tension of the limbs;
- Weakness of the whole body, paralysis of 4 limbs, only the index finger of his right hand was able to move;
- Atrophy muscle of 4 limbs.

WangJia and Dr. Cheng Hongbin

WangJia and Dr. Cheng Hongbin

After the first course stem cell transplantation in 2010:
- More clearly speech;
- Swallow ability is improved obviously, intaking meal is shorter;
- The weakness of his body is improved obviously;
- Muscle tension is improved obviously;
- Muscle strength is increased by 2 grades;
- Aatrophy muscles is improved obviously.

Video of "News Documentary" Reports about Motor Neurons Disease Patients Wang Jia on December 17, 2011 >>

Recent Conditions:
Weight gain, atrophy muscle re-abundance (mainly arm, palm, face), mental state is very good, hale and hearty, he can gently move his fingers.


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