Mr. Tian – Spinal Cord Injury, Myelitis (Male,42 years old)- 2007

MRI showed: There was part of spinal cord thinner, the other part of spinal cord thickener, the signal of the spinal cord was not even, obvious liquefied necrosis focus was existed.

Mr. Tian is a Chinese 42 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He was attacked without incentive in December, 2000. He was admitted to local hospital for the chief complaint of involuntary spasm, jerks of his lower limbs, pain of his waist and back, weakness of his walking. The MRI in local hospital showed: spinal cord disorder of T10-L1, the disease character was confirmed, then he was given surgery, the biopsy after the operation indicated: myelitis. After the operation, he received massage, acupuncture etc. treatments and took oral hormone treatment without good efficacy.

SCI8-1Before stem cell treatment on May 9th, 2007:
- The sensation of his lower abdomen and both lower limbs was reduced obviously;
- The muscular tension of his lower limbs was high, the spasm of his lower limbs was apparent when feeling nervious or performing movement, the involuntary shaking of his lower limbs was apparent, he could not sit independently, he could not walk;
- He suffered from urination and bowl movement disorder: the volume of his urination is less, frequent urination, his dry stool was not easy to be excreted out;
- He suffered from sex function disorder.

After receiving 4 stem cell transplantations via lumbar puncture, he discharged on May 24th, 2007, the muscular tension of his lower limbs was reduced obviously, the spasm of his lower limbs was relieved obviously.

1 month after his discharge:
- He can feel numbness of his left lower limb and left foot;
- The muscle strength of his right lower limb is increased, he can walk for a short distance by holding something, the muscular tension of his lower limbs is same as his discharge;
- The volume of his urination is increased obviously, he can keep to control his urination before excretion; his stool is soften and faster to be excreted;
- His sex function is improved obviously.

Mr. Tian received 2nd round stem cell treatment on November, 28th, 2008.

Before the 2nd round stem cell treatment:
- The sensation level is lowered further;
- The muscular tension of his lower limbs is almost normal, he can walk much longer distance by holding something, the muscle strength of his waist is improved obviously, he can sit for longer period, he can sit for 3-4 hours;
- His urination and bowl movement can be excreted easily.

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