Mr. Ni – Spinal Cord Injury (Male, 28-year-old) – 2009

Mr. Ni, 28 years old, happened to fall down when participating the bicycle competition in 2008, which caused him C1-C2 vertebras fracture, spinal cord injury of relevant segments.

He received 1st course stem cell treatment in 2009.

Before 1st course stem cell treatment:
- He had no autonomous respiration, depended the respiratory machine to assist his breath whole day for 1 year, the mode of the respiratory machine was SIMV;
- The body sensation below his neck was lost;
- The motor ability of the body below his neck was lost;
- He suffered from incontinence of urination and bowl movement.

After 1st course stem cell treatment:
- His autonomous respiration is restored, he can breathe out of the respiratory machine for 2 hours 15 minutes/time, 2 times/day, the mode of respiratory machine is ASB;
- The slight touch sensation of his whole body is restored;
- He can perceive the urination and control a few minutes before excretion.

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