Mr. Ma (China) – Traumatic Brain Injury (Male, 31 years old) – 2007/2008

Mr. Ma is a Chinese 31 years old male patient suffering from brain injury. He happened to get the traumatic brain injury on 1st March 2006. At that time, he was diagnosed as open craniocerebral injury, general cerebral contusion and laceration. He had been in coma for 2 months. The disorders of his limbs movement, cognitive, speech and right eye were remained from then on. He received the 1st round stem cell therapy in our hospital on 19th November,2007 with good efficacy. Then he came back to our hospital for the 2nd round stem cell treatment on 8th Oct 2008.

Before the 2nd round stem cell treatment:

-The muscular tension of his limbs is improved obviously, the flexibility of his limbs is improved obviously, for example, he can raise his right hand higher than before, he can use a spoon for foods intake by his left hand, the movement range of his left lower limb is enlarged obviously, the period of his standing leaning against the wall is increased obviously;

-His swallowing ability and foods intake condition are improved obviously;

-His manic condition is relieved obviously, his irritability is disappeared;

-His sleep quality is increased obviously;

-His calculation ability and understanding ability are improved obviously whilst he can express himself properly.

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