Mr Liu (China)-Motor Neuron Disease (Male, 52 years old)-2015

Mr Liu is a 52 years old male patient suffers Motor Neuron Disease. He had progressive muscular atrophy of four limbs for nearly 3 years. In August 2012, during the period of having anti-hepatitis B virus drugs, the patient felt weakness of his left lower limb, but he didn’t pay much attention at that time. In November 2012, his left lower limb weakness is aggravated, then he was diagnosed as Motor Neuron Disease in his local hospital. And then, he was given the therapy of nerve nutrition and immune globulin, but his symptoms were not significantly improved until he visited Dr An Yihua in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in January, 2015.

Before stem cell treatment
-Both upper limbs were weak. (The left side is more severe.)
-The muscle strength of lower limbs was poor.
-He could neither stand nor walk.
-Both left and right limb had muscle atrophy, left side is more severe.
-He had irregular bowel movement.

After stem cell treatment
-The muscle strength of 4 limbs is much enhanced, motor function is improved obviously, he can stand independently for 2 minutes and walk on his own for about 100 meters.
-The muscle atrophy of bilateral limbs is relieved.
-The function of bowel movement becomes normal.

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