Mr. Huang Zhiren – Spinal Cord Injury (male, 38-year-old) – 2010

Mr. Huang Zhiren, 38 years old, happened to fall down from 2 floor high on 21st, December, 2002, he underwent loss of consciousness without nausea or vomit about 30 minutes. When he came to himself, he felt the neck swelling pain and dyspnea, no sensation of his 4 limbs, could not move voluntarily, no cramp. He was sent to the local hospital urgently, MRI of his neck indicated: the vertebras of C3-4, C6-7 are fractured and dislocated. Then he received the necessary rescue treatment. He could breathe by himself 20 days after the accident. He received the proper fixation surgery on 25th, March, 2004.

Before 1st course stem cell treatment in May, 2010:
- The body sensation below his nipples level was reduced, the pain feeling of the bottom of the arch of his ribs was disappeared;
- He could move his upper limbs but could not lift up over shoulders, the fingers of his left hand could move a little while the movement of his right hand is limited, his lower limbs could  be bent but could not be lifted up from the bed level, he had stasis feeling when moving his both knee joints, the muscle volume of his lower limbs was atrophy obviously;
- Before his urination and bowl movement, he could feel suppressing and swelling, he could release his urination,  his stools are dry, 1 bowl movement/7 days;
- He underwent postural hypotension obviously and frequently, he suffered from sweat disorder, the body temperature adjustment was abnormal.

After 1st course stem cell treatment:
- The body sensation level is lowered over 20cm, he can feel the pain of the bottom of the arch of ribs;
- He can lift up his upper limbs over his shoulders, the movement range of his fingers is enlarged obviously, he can lift up his lower limbs from the bed level, he can not perceive the stasis feeling when moving his both knee joints, the muscle volume of his lower limbs is improved obviously;
- He can control his urination and bowl movement voluntarily;
- His postural hypotension is improved obviously, he can sweat all over the body, the body temperature is normal.

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