Mr. Gao- T12 Spinal Cord Injury (Male,41 years old)- 2008

Mr. Gao is a Chinese 41 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He happened to be injured to his waist by a wood. He was sent to local hospital for the necessary treatment since he suffered from multiple damages, hemorrhagic shock, multiple ribs fracture, hemopneumothorax, T12 vertebra body fracture and paraplegia. He was offered blood infusion, fluid infusion and anti-shock, then was referred to 1st hospital of Harbin medicine university. During the treatment period, he was given splenectomy and small intestine excision anastomosis, left thoracic cavity closed drainage, thoracic spinal decompression bone graft and internal fixation, then received anti-inflammation treatment after the operation, he discharged after 15 days treatment period. He received physical rehabilitation exercises and acupuncture for the symptomatic treatment in orthopaedics department of Harbin Sengong general hospital of Heilongjiang province.

He received 3 stem cell transplantations via lumbar puncture and CT guided intraspinal cord injections on September 20th, 29th, October 11th, 2008.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- The muscle strength of his waist was weak, he could not crawl up from the bed, it was hard for him to kneel down or sit, he could not stand;
- He had to need outside assistant to urinate, his stool was too dry to excrete out, he had to use enema when performing bowl movement;
- His sensation and sweating level is on the top of his hip joints.

After the stem cell treatment:
- The muscle strength of his waist is improved obviously, he can crawl up from the bed, he can kneel down or sit freely, he can stand by assistant, his waist can perform torsional bending;
- He can urinate by himself easily; when standing, he can urinate voluntarily; his bowl movement is powerful, the stool is soft and easy to excrete out;
- His sensation and sweating level is lowered to 10 cm beneath groin;
- His peripheral circulation is improved obviously, his skin temperature is approached to normal.

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