Mr. Feng- Cerebral Palsy (Male,43-year-old)- 2014

Mr. Feng is a 43 years old Chinese male patient suffering from cerebral palsy, who was admitted to our hospital on October 27th, 2014 for the chief complaint of speech and movement disorder for over 43 years.

He was 35 weeks premature and normal delivery with breech position at home. He cried once born. His skin and both sclera became yellow 4 days after born, the jaundice remained over 2 months before recovery without any treatment. He could not sit, stand and walk by himself at the age of 1.5 years old, then his parents consulted the local hospital without any proper diagnose and treatment. He could sit atage 4, he could stand and walk by assistance at age 10, then his parents consulted the local hospital without proper diagnose and treatment again. Since then he has not received any treatment. He came to our hospital for the further treatment after hearing the proper news of Dr. Yihua An and his professional medical team.

During the treatment period, he received the stem cell treatment including 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and 1 stem cell implantation via stereotactic brain surgery with total success and no side effect.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- His mental and intelligent were normal, he could speak single syllable, his understanding ability was normal, but he could not cooperate properly when receiving physical examination;
- The muscle strength of his neck was normal, he could hold his head stably; he could fetch and hold objects with both hands actively and normally; he could not perform the movement of touching one finger to another finger of same hand, he could clap hands; the fine movement ability of his hands was poor; he could sit, stand and walk by himself but with unstable walking gait, the coordination ability of his 4 limbs was poor;
- The bilateral patellar tension hyperreflexia was existed, the Babinski sign of his left lower limb (+), Hoffman sign of his right lower limb (+), the bilateral ankle clonus (+);
- The involuntary expression of his face and involuntary movement of his body could be observed when he felt nervous.

1.5 months after the treatment period:
- The muscle strength and muscular tension of his head and neck are improved obviously; the headache and uncomfortable sensation of his head disappears;
- The muscle strength and muscular tension of his lower limbs are improved obviously, he can walk more stably and coordinately.
His family members are very satisfied with his obvious improvements and promised to come for the 2nd round of stem cell treatment 6 months later.

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