Mr. Chongchin (Malaysia)- Type II Diabetes (Male, 51 years old)- 2011

Mr. Chongchin, Malaysia, 51 years old, was diagnosed as type II diabetes for thirst, polydipsia, high glucose for over 3 months. Because of the chief complaint of thirst, polydipsia and decreased weight remarkably without obvious incentive, he went to consult the local doctor and found out his intravenous fasting glucose 15.6mmol/L, glycosylated hemoglobin 10.6%, combined with his relevant symptoms, his disease was diagnosed as type II diabetes in November, 2011.

He received a round stem cell treatment in our hospital in January, 2012 with satisfied efficacy.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- He suffered from the symptoms of thirst, polydipsia, less weight;
- The index of his intravenous fasting glucose was higher than normal; the index of his glycosylated hemoglobin was higher than normal;
- He felt weakness of whole body.

After the stem cell treatment:
- His symptoms of thirst, polydipsia are disappeared; his weight is increased to normal;
- The index of his intravenous fasting glucose and glycosylated is normal;
- The risk of the related complication is reduced obviously;
- He feels energy again;
- The dosage of his insulin and oral medication is reduced obviously or even halts.

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