Mr. Chen –  Ulcerative Colitis (UC, male) – 2013

Mr. Chen, he was admitted in our hospital for alternate symptoms between diarrhea and constipation for 15 years. He was diagnosed to intestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, sequela of liver fluke at the time. The patient used to be treated in Shanghai Ruijin hospital, Tongji hospital, but could not be diagnosed clearly and receive relevant treatment. The patient used to be treated in Shanghai infectious disease hospital, the trichmonad was checked out from his feces, then he was diagnosed to trichmonad enteritis and received anti-parasite treatment, but the efficacy is not obvious. From then on, he kept consulting his disease in all kinds of domestic famous hospitals intermittently, but all failed.

The patient consulted his disease in our hospital on 21st April, 2013, then he received a stem cell transplantation via intravenous injection and another stem cell transplantation via femoralis artery intervene intermittently.

Before the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- He underwent continous diarrhea, around 3-10 times/day, with intermittent constipation;
- His feces could not be formed normally, the intestines could not absorb the nutrition, which led to severe dysnutrition, reduced weight much;
-  His gastrointestinal motility is slower, the foods of his intaking could not be digested;
- His gastrointestinal distension is obvious, especially during the night, which caused him severe sleep insufficient;
- The pain of his liver area is obvious, which impaired his life quality and normal daily work seriously;
- The immunity of his body is poor, which caused him to be vulnerable to get sick.

After the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- His diarrhea is improved, the frequency of the diarrhea is reduced compared with the forepassed period, around 1-2 times/day, which is still improving;
- His feces is formed, his gastrointestinal absorb ability to the nutrition is enhanced obviously, his appetite is improved obviously, his weight is increased properly;
- His gastrointestinal distension is relieved obviously, his sleep is improved;
- The pain of his liver area is alleviated or even halt, so that he can work normally;
- The immunity of his body is enhanced obviously.

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