Mr. Chen- Motor Neuron Disease (Male,46 years old)- 2006

Mr. Chen is a Taiwan 46 years old male patient suffering from motor neuron disease. He underwent weakness of his right hand in October, 2004, then gradually underwent weakness of his upper limbs. He used to be diagnosed as cervical spondylosis, brachial plexus nerve damage, multiple myositis, while he was given the related treatments. He was treated in local hospital in December, 2005, then was diagnosed as motor neuron disease after many kinds of examinations but was not offered any treatment. From then on his medical condition was aggravating gradually.

He received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in March, 2006. He recuperated well after the treatment, he could feel more relaxed of his upper limbs, the flexibility of his movement was better than before, he could feel the muscle volume of his lower limbs more harvest than before.

During the next 6 months after the 1st round stem cell treatment, his disease progression was slow down obviously comparing with before the stem cell treatment.

Mr. Chen received 2nd round stem cell treatment in our hospital for further efficacy consolidation in October, 2006.

During the next 10 months after the 2nd round stem cell treatment, we followed up his medical condition by telephone call, his disease progression halted basically. He kept in swim and ride bicycle every day.

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