Mr. Cai – Ulcerative Colitis (male, 37 years old) – 2011

Mr. Cai, 37 years old, lives in Shandong province, he was admitted to our hospital because of intermittent blood stools with abdominal pain for 9 years. He underwent blood loose stool which mixed with mucus, accompanying with abdominal pain which is affected to whole abdomen, especially around left and lower abdomen, continuous pain, accompanying nausea and vomiting, tenesmus obviously after taking a lot of raw and cool foods. He was treated in local hospital and diagnosed to bacillary dysentery. He was given anti-diarrheal and anti-inflammation treatment, the efficacy is satisfied. Since then, once he took raw or cool or not easy to digest foods, he would undergo blood stool, abdominal pain, vomiting etc. symptoms, used to take plenty of medicines to adjust the digestive function and restrain the diarrhea, but the outcome of the treatment is not good, so he came for the treatment at local hospital in 2010, received the colonoscopy which found out that the colonic mucosa is congestion and swollen, fragile and easy to bleed, also found ulcer there. His disease is diagnosed to ulcerative colitis as final. He used to take Etiasa, Mesalazine and Chinese medicine, but the efficacy is not good. His weight is reduced obviously and the status of his intaking foods is poor since disease onset.

The patient received 1st round treatment in our hospital in August, 2011.

Before the patient was admitted for the stem cell treatment:
- His spirit was down; his body shape is slim down with anemia appearance; his sleep quality during the night is poor, which caused him neurasthenia;
- He underwent blood diarrhea 1-2 times/day, blood mucous stools, accompanying  with abdominal pain, without fever;
- He suffered from severe anal fissure;
- His skin was dry, dark yellow with furfur;
- His blood routine examination indicated anemia, abnormal liver function.

Before his discharge during the 1st round stem cell treatment period:
- His sleep quality is improved obviously;
- His blood diarrhea is halted, he can excrete stools with normal shape;
- His skin is turning to red and radiant.

After 1st round stem cell treatment whilst before 2nd round stem cell treatment in September, 2012:
- His weight is increased by 10 kg, his sleep is better, his neurasthenia is disappeared;
- His bowl movement is excreted once a day with normal shape soft feces;
- His anal fissure is relieved obviously;
- The furfur of his skin is disappeared whilst his skin is red and radiant;
- The blood routine examination indicates that the anemia is alleviated whilst his liver function is restored normally. The congestion and swollen of the colonic mucosa are disappeared, the mucosa is restored to red and flexible, the ulcer is tend to cure.

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