Mr. Bai – Olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA) (China)

Name: Mr. Bai
Diagnosis: Olivopontocerebellar atrophy(OPCA)
Nationality: China

Condition of Mr. Bai, a Hereditary OPCA patient before the stem cell treatment:
- He could not walk steady, with more and more faster pace and his heel could not get off the ground. He fell easily when walking, especially when walking straight, the more he tried, the more deviated;
- His speech was slurred with a slow speed, therefore, his family members often misunderstood him;
-  It's hard for him to squat or stand up;
- He could not walk on stairs easily, he could only make a stair into two steps, ,especially when walking down the stairs. He was afraid of walking a step since often falling, so must be accompanied by his family members;
- The muscle strength of his limbs was weak, he underwent shake when holding things;
- His handwriting became more and more tiny, more and more inclined;
- He suffered from ataxia, could not finish finger-to-nose test, or heel-knee-tendon test, he could not stand up straight with his eyes closed either. His body vacillated between the left and right violently, the more elaborate movement his hands tried to do, the more shake his hands underwent.

Improved Conditions after stem cell treatment:
- He can walk more steady than before, meanwhile, he is able to control his walking pace;
- He can speak more clearly than before, his speech can be basically understood by others;
- Though patient walked little slowly, the supporting strength of his family members during his walking is reduced obviously, which just needs a light carry;
- The frequency of his hands shaking is less when holding things;
- His handwriting became more copperplate than before.

One month after his discharge, we knew Mr. Bai's condition were improved further through telephone follow-up.
- He can walk more energeticly , more steady, more straightly, without deviating;
- He can walk on stairs with his alternating lower limbs, each stair just need one step;
- He can stand more straightly, his body vacillating between the left and right side is less;
- He can squat and stand up more steady and more faster.

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