Mahadi (Sultan)- Spinal Cord Injury with High Parapelgia (Male,24 years old)- 2010

SCI-Sultan-MahadiMahadi is a Sultan 24 years old male patient suffering from sequela of spinal cord injury with high paraplegia. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of movement dysfunction of 4 limbs and sensation disorder for over 1 year after undergoing a gun shot. He happened to be shot to his neck when participating a military training at night, the bullet went through his neck, at the same time, he could not move his 4 limbs, lost sensation below his neck, incontinence of urination. The MRI of his neck in Sultan military hospital indicated: the spinal cord injury of C3-C6 vertebra bodies level, the cervical vascular rupture (not in detail). He was given tracheotomy and respiratory machine to assist his breath and other symptomatic and supportive treatment. His autonomous breath was restored around 5 months after the accident, the respiratory machine was gotten off, but could not move his 4 limbs completely, the muscle strength of his shrugging was weak.

He received a round stem cell treatment in our hospital on May 13th, 2010.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of his 4 limbs was higher than normal;
- The muscle strength of his 4 limbs was weak, he could not move his 4 limbs completely but could shrug his shoulders slightly;
- The sensation below his sternum concave was lost completely;
- There was local vomica on his epididymis;
- There was ulcer on his heal, which is hard to cure;
- His body temperature was abnormal often, he was vulnerable to catch fever;
- He suffered from the incontinence of urination and bowl movement.

After the stem cell treatment ( 48 days after admission):
- The muscular tension of his 4 limbs is improved obviously;
- The muscle strength of his 4 limbs is improved by 2 grades, he can shrug his shoulders strongly;
- The sensation level is lowered obviously;
- The local vomica on his epididymis is cure;
- The ulcer on his heal is cure;
- His body temperature is normal, he can sweat by his whole body;
- He can perceive and control his urination and bowl movement much better.

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