Lydia (Qatar) – Spinal Cord Injury (Female, 23 years old) – 2014

Lydia, Female, 23 years old , who is from Qatar. She had a traffic accident in 2011, resulting in T12-L2 spinal cord injury. Lydia came to receive stem cell treatment in our hospital on July 31, 2014. She finished all the medical treatment and nursing care for her health recovery and wellbeing on August 18, 2014. She was highly content with stem cell treatment and stated that General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces is like her second home.

Physical condition before treatment
• She can sit, and have short walk placing her hand on the wall.
• Her strength of waist and abdomen was weak, leading to vacillate to the left and right, back and forth when walking.
• Her hip was weak, and she can’t lift hip and clamp.
• Her muscle strength of left leg was stronger than the right.
• The sensation of both lower legs was insensitive.
• The toes were without perception.
• Both feet had swelling, when sit a long time, feet would be swollen.
• When lying in bed, she was trying to lift her feet to touch the buttocks. Her right foot was unable to leave from the bed.
• Muscle strength of both arms was weak.

Physical condition after treatment
• She can sit more stable than before.
• You can stand independently and balanced ability is better
• With support, she can go further about 20-30 meters
• Her hip is stronger than before. She can control hip muscles and do the clamping action.
• Her legs are both stronger.
• The sensation of both lower legs is improved.
• All left toes can move.
• The swelling of her feet is significantly improved. The frequency of swelling occurrence is decreasing and swelling will disappear a few minutes later.
• When lying in bed, she can lift the right leg.
• Her arms are more powerful.

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