Liu Lili (China )-Cerebral Palsy( Female, 18 years old)-2015

Liu Lili is a female cerebral palsy patient who has movement disorder for over 18 years. Her mother has a history of “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” when she was 3 months pregnant, and she lost consciousness for about ten minutes. Lili was a full-term birth child with overlong labour time. She was able to cry after birth. When she was 12 years old, she accepted achilles tendonlengthening surgery for both lower limbs, after surgery it's easy to fall down when she tries to walk. She was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy and received stem cell treatment in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in June, 2015.

Before stem cell treatment
-Muscular tension of four limbs were high, left side particularly.
-Gross movement of upper limbs was good, while fine movement was relatively poor.
-She walks on tip-toes unsteadily with poor balance and coordination.
-She's not able to squat completely and then stand up easily.
-Slight strabismus for both of her eyes.

After stem cell treatment
-Muscular tension is reduced largely. Fine movement of her hands is much improved, which enable her to have a better hand writing.
-She can walk with a better balance, tip-toes is noticeably improved, both of her feet can almost touch the ground when she walks.
-She's able to squat deeply and stand up by herself without any difficulty.
-Strabismus of both eyes almost disappeared.

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