Li Jianjun (China)- Stroke, sequela of cerebral infarction (Male, 42 years old)-2015

Li Jianjun is a 42 years old male patient with lalopathy and dyskinesia due to brainstem infarction. The patient had weakness of limbs suddenly under no obvious predisposing causes on October 1, 2014, and then he went to see a doctor in local hospital, subsequently he lost consciousness, but an explicit diagnosis was not given at that time. He and his relatives went to visit Dr. An Yihua in January 2015, the sequela of cerebral infarction and hyperlipemia were diagnosed in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces. He received the stem cell transplantation therapy in February.

Before stem cell treatment
1.He had blurred speech.
2.His right hand was unable to stretch and grasp.
3.His left hand could grad and hold things, but the strength was poor.
4.The muscular tension of four limbs was very high.
5.He can neither stand nor walk on his own.

After stem cell treatment
1.The speech function has been greatly improved.
2.The right hand is more flexible and steady when grabbing things.
3.The muscle strength of left hand is increased a lot than before.
4.The muscular tension of four limbs is significantly reduced.
5.He can stand independently, and walk for 2 minutes.

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