Leia (California of USA)- Stroke, Cerebral Embolism (Female,32 years old)- 2009

Leia is a California of USA 32 years old female patient suffering from stroke. It happened that the embolus fell off in the blood vessels of his brain, which led to the cerebral embolism, so that the motor dysfunction, sensation disorder of her left limbs and her visual field defect were remained. She was given the treatments in San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center and Community Health Network of San Francisco successively, but the remained neural dysfunction was not improved.

She received 1st round stem cell including 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and 1 stem cell implantation via intravenous infusion, 1 stem cell transplantation via stereotactic brain surgery in our hospital on July, 8th, 2009.

During the next over 20 days after her discharge, she felt obvious improvements, mainly including:
- The motor ability: her balance ability during walking is improved better;
- The skin temperature of her left limbs is improved obviously, she could not feel coldness any more;
- Her right visual field is increased better than before.

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