Kent (Syria) –Sequela of Spinal Cord Injury (C6-C7) (Male,49 years old)- 2016

Patient Conditions: Kent, male, 49 years old, from Syria.

The patient got injured in 2015 due to bomb explosions with shrapnel into the patient's body. The patient did not take special treatment after injury. After MRI examination , it showed C6-C7 complete injury. Patients with lower limb paralysis and incontinence. He does not have feeling below injury level. Consciousness is clear and could communicate with others . Appetite and metabolic function is good. There is no pressure sores. In June 14th 2016, the patient was admitted to the Intech Rehabilitation & Nursing Center and treated at General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces.

Treatment Procedures
•June 17th, 2016, First Treatment: 10:30am, local anesthesia , interventional therapy;
•June 20th, 2016, Second Treatment: 10:50am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•June 28th, 2016, Third Treatment: 14:00pm, local anesthesia , CT-guided Intraspinal injection.

Before stem cell treatment
1.There is no feeling below the injury level.
2. Neuropathic pains in injury level.
3.Patient cannot feel the urine and feces.

After stem cell treatment
1.After 10 months of treatment, the injury level was down 10 cm.
2. A certain degree of improvement in dysdefecation and urinate disorder, patient has better bowls movement than before.

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