Ken (South Africa) – Traumatic brain injury (Male, 25 years old) – 2009

Ken is a 25 years old patient from South Africa. He had a car accident which caused his brain injury. He was sent to the local hospital right after the accident, but still he was in coma for 2 days. Then he had a few surgeries and rehabilitations, but there's no significant improvements for him. In November, 2009, 3 years after his injury, his family decided to take him for stem cell transplantation in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces.

Before treatment:

- The Patient was conscious but had difficulty to communicate with his families.
- He could only take fluid food via stomach tube.
- He could not sit independently.
- He could not grab things with his hands and stretch his arms.
- Sleep disorder: he woke up every 2~3 hours during his sleeping.

After treatment:

- The patient can smile and try to make jokes with his families, he tries to talking again start with simple words.
- Stomach tube was removed 2 months after his treatment, he starts eating solid food, it's the first time since he had the accident.
- He gained more strength from the treatment for his four limbs, waist, and neck, which enables him to sit by himself for a few munites.
- His hands are more flexible and he can hold a cup of water and drink it by himself.
- He has a better sleep quality, a 7~8 hours' sleep can be guaranteed.

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