Jimi (Australian) – Sequela of Stroke (male, 58 years old) – 2016

Patient Conditions: Jimi, male, 58 years old, from is a Australia.

He suffered stroke in 2011 with limb motor dysfunction, especially on the left side. The right side of the body can do lift action, but lack of strength. Left limb dysfunction, left hand and left lower limb completely were unable to move. He can walk independently with slow action. He accepted physical therapy since he suffered the disease, while no significant effect. He was admitted to our hospital on April 3rd, 2016 and received a round stem cell treatment with four times Lumbar Puncture with obvious improvements.

Before treatment:
1. lack of bilateral limb strength, patient has difficulties to turn over when sleep.
2. walking is unstable, mainly rely on the right side of the limbs.
3. cannot move independently due to left hand joint deformation.

After treatment:
1. After the second lumbar puncture, patients feel limb strength enhanced, can turn over by himself when stay in bed.
2. Left limb strength has been enhanced, can walk more stable than before.

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