Huazai (China) – Severe Craniocerebral Injury (Male, 30 years old) – 2009

Huazai is a Chinese 30 years old male patient suffering from brain injury. He happened to meet a car crash on 30 December 2004, which caused him diffusive contusion and severe craniocerebral injury and been in coma for over 40 days. He received the 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in June, 2009.

Before the 1st stem cell treatment:
- He suffered from psychogeny, for example, the manic, hyperactivity, he could not sit or lie quietly for a while, he often beat his own face and kicked his legs randomly, even had the intention to attack others;
- His speech reaction was poor, he couldn’t communicate with others actively; he could not respond quickly when being asked questions;
- His speech was slurred with slow speech speed.

Before his discharge from our hospital:
-He can sit or lie quietly for a long period, he may rarely beat his face or kick his legs randomly;
-His reaction ability is improved obviously, he can respond and answer others’ questions properly and immediately;
-His speech is much clearer with faster speech speed than before.

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