Helene Dicks (Kazakhstan) – Cerebral Palsy (Female, 1 years old) – 2014

Helene Dicks, 1 year old girl, who is Kazakhstan. She is a term infant, but she was dystocia, with the obvious history of ischemia and hypoxia. With the assistance of ventilator, she had the normal breath during 16 days. The diagnosis was Cerebral Palsy, with severe mental retardation. She neither has family heredity history, nor jaundice. Helene Dicks received stem cell treatment on November 6, 2014 to the hospital for treatment, and her parents were satisfied with the effective treatment in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Forces.

Before the treatment
-Invisible, inaudible;
-Unable to turn over;
-Unable to sit, nor climb;
-Her muscle tension was high, showing fist-shaped;
-She can’t eat by herself and needed to use the stomach tube;
-She was weak and thin, only 5 kg;
-She had 4 times milk per day, 180ml per meal.

After the treatment
-Both eyes react to the light. She had the eye tracking of what she saw within several seconds, hearing ability was improving as well;
-She had the consciousness of turning over;
-Without the assistance of her parents, she could sit independently for 2 minutes. She began to learn to crawl.;
-The muscular tension of her both hands was lower than before, whereas her muscular strength increased, the fist status of both hand improved obviously;
-Appetite was better than before. Her food intake quantity was improving, so her weight increased to 6.5kg when discharged.

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