Fan- Hereditary Senile Dementia (Male, 59 years old)- 2014

His name is Fan, born in Shanghai, China, a well educated family. He ever worked as reputable teacher and also serve for government as an officer.

Fan is always kind and smile. No wonder how happy family he has. His family lives together with his wife’s sisters in a building with 3 stories. They build it by themselves. Totally dozens people in the building, they enjoyed so much fun together, playing chess, drink tea, discuss about recent news.

The happiness was terminated in 2012. When the new year coming, the big family is regarded to meet together for fun, however, Fan seems unhappy and reluctant to talk with anyone. Fan even seems tempered and even small thing may cause his thundering anger. He prefer to stay alone.

His wife and his relatives didn't regard him as rude because they trust him, they though he must got some disease. With family's trust and help, Fan visited doctor and was diagnosed as "Hereditary Senile Dementia". His mother had such disease when she was 71 year old, however Fan is just 59 year old. The disease really happened to early on him.

They started to search for treatment and cure. Many hospitals and doctors said they can try stem cell transplantation. It will help. The family decided to go to Beijing, the Capital of China and visited the most famous doctor in stem cell field, Dr. An Yihua.

They read many of Dr. An Yihua’s news reports, they believe Dr. An could help him.

In May, 2012, Fan came to Beijing and took the first round of stem cell transplantation. One month after treatment, smiles come back in Fan’s face. His memory improved obviously. Witnessing Fan’s changes, his family is so happy.

One year later, in April, 2013, Fan took a second round treatment: lumber puncture with stem cells and intravenous injection for umbilical cord blood. “With every treatment, we saw improvements on Fan” his brother in law said and expressed their thanks to Dr. An. They’re so lucky to choose the right doctor.

In August, 2014, Fan came to Beijing for a 3rd round treatment. I had the chance to meet him in person. He told me he is quite satisfied with the treatment. He said it’s so lucky for him to find Dr. An Yi Hua.

Yes, it’s lucky to meet a right person who can help. For aged person, they should lead a happy life after so many years’ struggling in society.

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