Ethan (Afghanistan) – Cerebral Palsy (Male, 3-year-old)

Ethan is a 3-year-old cerebral palsy patient who was born in Afghanistan. He was 34 weeks premature by natural birth. The labor was about 12.5 hours, and he got jaundice for 40 days. When he was 11 months old, he was always crying, and had poor sleep quality. Then he was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy in the local hospital. The doctor prescribed neurotrophic and sedative medication for him. Symptomatic treatment was given until he's 2 years old. He cannot sit down, stand up and walk independently. His neck and waist are strengthless. The muscle tension of four limbs is high. He has tip-toe of his left foot which makes his foot unable to fully touch the ground. He cannot grab things with abnormal hands posture. He has no epilepsy. It's recorded in his medical history that he's allergic to paracetamol syrup.

Before treatment:

- Poor neck strength that makes him unable to hold up his head.
- The muscle tension of upper limbs was so high that his activity was restricted.
- The waist strength was insufficient.
- Tip toe of his left foot caused by high muscular tension.
- Poor appetite

After treatment:

- Neck strength has been obviously improved, he is able to hold his head for a few minutes independently.
- The muscular tension of four limbs has been decreased, his arms and hands are more flexible than before.
- Waist strength is enhanced, and he can be seated with better balance.
- Muscular tension of both feet is obviously decreased so that his heels can touch the ground when he tries to walk under his parent's support.
- He gains a much better appetite and he's willing to eat more and more food day by day.

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