Mr Zhu Zhonghuai

47 years old
lung cancer
March 2015
Intravenous injection

Medical history:

more than 20 years of smoking age with more than 20 cigarettes a day. On September 15, 2014, was diagnosed with multiple bone metastases of small cell lung cancer with ribs and spine in the second affiliated hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Medicine. After chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patient's condition continued to progress and the pain was severe.

Before Stem Cells Treatment:
Low fever, cough, severe pain in the chest and back, can not sit alone, can not walk alone, poor appetite, poor mental health.

After Stem Cells Treatment:
Body temperature is normal;the symptoms of cough and sputum are obviously relieved;the pain is also greatly reduced; the painkiller is stopped; patient can get out of bed and walk more than 200 meters;the complexion is obviously improved;appetite is good; blood-reviewed tumor markers were significantly reduced; conditiions is stable.

About Us

The Stem Cell Department of General hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces is the first neural stem cell transplantation centre in China, which went through the World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical trial registration. The Hospital has also obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had our laboratory certified with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certification of stem cell research and preparation. So far we have used stem cell therapy to treat 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries.

Why choose us

Our department is the first nerve stem cell transplantation center in the country and abroad, which has passed through the WHO clinical registration test, received FDA approval of a clinical trial and was certified by the laboratory with the GMP standard of research. So far, we have already treated about 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries with stem cell transplantation.

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Address: YongDing Road 69#, Haidian District, Beijing

Telephoe: +86 10 56259395

E-mail: cs1@thebrightdirection.com

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