Deng Ye- Cerebral Palsy (Male, 2-year-old)- 2014

Deng Ye, 2-year-old boy, Chinese. Post term birth, cesarean-Diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy

Before treatment, patient conditions:
-Could not sit independently;
-Could not crawl;
-Less facial expression;
-Intelligence development slow;
-Low muscular tension;
-Flaccid paralysis.

Local hospital diagnosed him as Cerebral Palsy patient.

In August of 2014, patient came to our hospital for stem cell treatment.

Treatment methods: stereotactic brain surgery + lumber puncture

After treatment, patient’s improvements:
-Could sit much better than before;
-Could crawl;
-Have more facial expressions and getting active;
-Have more strength with body, could grab things tighter;
-Could stand better with supports.

Patient’s parents are very excited and satisfied with the improvements, they said if possible, they will come for a 2nd round of treatment in the year of 2015.

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